Small Business Lines Of Credit is an agreement in which a lender (usually a bank) gives money to a business, and the business agrees to repay the money with interest, at some future point in time. Small Business Lines of Credit are very flexible and come in a variety of terms to meet your specific needs. You may require a Small Business Lines Of Credit to start or expand your business, buy a business, purchase or refinance equipment or other assets, buy company cars or commercial vehicles, purchase commercial property, or finance general cash flow or working capital.

The Problem:

Without enough collateral or even knowing lending institutions that supply Small Business Lines Of Credit can make it very difficult to obtain the needed capital.

The Solution:

IRA Network has worked for years with numerous Funding Entities who provide Small Business Lines Of Credit to companies in various stages of business.

Funding Range:

$50,000 – $1,000,000

Understanding Your Needs:

The IRA Network understands the need for Capital Funding NOW. We know that the harder it is to obtain capital and the longer it takes the easier you can be discouraged from realizing your dreams of opening a business or expanding your existing business.

We Can Help!

The IRA Network specializes in both Conventional and Hard to Fund projects that require a creative funding approach.  IRA has created a unique relationship between entrepreneurs and investors. In order for us to determine how we can assist you in finding the right investor relationship for your project, please fill out the following. To analyze the information properly, we have asked specific questions regarding your business and/or project. The IRA Network understands entrepreneurs are traditionally risk-takers and usually have put their own credit and finances at risk, hurting their credit.

Please be advised that your answers to the questions regarding your credit and finances have no bearing on whether or not we take you on as a client, but rather serves as an aid in analyzing your total situation and in developing the right funding strategy.  Additionally, if you don’t know an answer – don’t worry – this isn’t a test.

After one of our analysts has had an opportunity of review you responses, we will get back to you to evaluate your project and establish a plan of action.

Funding Pre-Qualifier – Let the Professionals take care of your capital needs!!!