When You Need A Comprehensive Business Plan

Business Plans are much more than a tool to obtain financing. Preparing a business plan helps clarify your company’s direction, and can give birth to a corporate philosophy. Business Plan Funding - Business Plan PreperationA business plan provides a blueprint, describing your company, its products, business model, management team, competition, and business risks. A business plan includes: Executive Summary; Vision, Mission and Goals; Company Overview; Product Strategy; Operations Plan; Market Analysis; Marketing Plan; Financial Plan; Financial Statements, Supporting Documents and Exit/Payback Strategies.

The IRA Network has a staff of experienced professional consultants. We can prepare and write your business plan or enhance your existing one to suit your particular business project. Funding resource assistance is always available  in identifying, introducing and providing due diligence for potential investors interested in funding  your venture through the issuance of debt or equity.

Elements of a Business Plan
Legal structure and infrastructure

What is your company, and who are the key players? We identify your ‘business’ legal name and status. We also identify key personnel – their backgrounds, their fields of expertise, and any proposed additions to the team.

Your Physical Plant

This is a description of your business location, your rent/mortgage expenses, plus your maintenance and insurance costs. We need to determine if you will require more space, and if your location gives you a competitive advantage. We help you analyze current and projected machinery, equipment, product, service, etc., to see what expenses you can anticipate.

Your Business What exactly do you do?

We examine each of your products and/or services in terms of percentage of your business and opportunities for growth. We help you formulate company milestones, including upcoming products and services in development. We describe your current product or service and what makes it unique and competitive.

Your Marketing Strategy

This section examines market conditions – the nature of your customers, as well as your competitors, sales potential, and what promotional steps you plan to take to develop your business.

Your Bottom Line

This is a financial analysis – a listing of information for prior years, and projections for your future. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your company, certain patterns begin to emerge.

Perhaps we can identify new opportunities for growth – or areas where you can effect savings – changes that will make your company more efficient. Together we might effectively predict upcoming problems, or prevent them.

In other words, the perspective gained through your Business Plan can make a significant contribution to your company’s success, and help you get the funding you require. In fact, most lending institutions and private investors will not even talk to you without a Business Plan.

Raising Capital

Look at the loan officer or venture capital investor as someone who would write you the check you need if only he or she could see beyond your balance sheet. We can help! One of the most important elements is a detailed, well-written Business Plan. The investor’s mind is open and needs to be filled with a generous amount of knowledge about what really makes your company tick, and how they are going to get paid back (exit/payback strategy).

How IRA Can Help

Business Plan Funding - Business Plan PreperationAs venture capital consultants offering business plan and marketing plan assistance, we will expose you to various funding resources and options and help you communicate precisely how viable your business is.

We Know How To Help You Promote Yourself. We know that sometimes it is difficult to pat oneself on the back and appear credible. This should sound familiar, because you have already had these thoughts, “Even if I do find sources for venture capital, who will listen to me? They will want more than numbers, a solid written plan, and sound reasoning, all with some sizzle. But that’s not what I do best. And if I ever need to be at my best, this is it”.

Not all companies that are good investments obtain the capital they need to succeed. Check fix body group.That is usually because they fail to communicate precisely how good an investment they truly are. They fail in their capital quest not because of what they are, but because of what they are not. They’re just not professional communicators. You Are The Star – We Are the Support For the most part, lenders want to deal directly with the owner or principal officer of the company seeking capital. To help support you, IRA can provide one of our professional consultants to be at your side during your crucial presentation. But most of the lender’s or investor’s questions will be directed at you. This means that every detail of your presentation must be as familiar to you as your own name. At that critical moment, there will be no hesitation in your answer to any question that is asked, and if by chance you should panic, we can be there to support you. You will be cool, calm and thoroughly prepared – we will make sure of that.

You will obtain the capital you seek because you will have shown exactly why your company deserves it. If we take on your project, The IRA Network will make sure that you are exposed to proven financial resources whose funding objectives are aligned with your company’s profile. Our IRA Network can help you get the funding you deserve!

Business planning consultants will prepare, write or enhance your existing business plan and provide full business development services and capital resource assistance.

We Can Make The Difference!