IRA Network Real Estate Programs at Business Plan Funding


There are great strategic things happening at IRA Network, in spite of Covid-19, but nowhere more than in our Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Programs, which have recently come to include strong Capital Sources for Straight Equity placements – as a major value add to our Straight Debt offerings.

As a result we now offer strategic access to – but are not limited by:

The IRA Network Straight Equity Program: for lower middle market CRE – up to $15MM(+ ) raw equity as a recent value add to our programs, and where we can identify a mix of: competitive cost basis, strong value creation, multiple exit strategies and potential downside protection – we can now bring heavily qualified and direct equity investors to the table for Commercial Real Estate activities. We underwrite for a handful of direct and deep Straight Equity funds – across a spectrum of Family Office and Institutional Capital – that are constantly seeking savvy local operating partners and new deal flow in the lower middle CRE markets – targeting:

Retail & Office – Lodging – Multifamily – For-Sale Residential

These capital sources will underwrite and provide Straight Equity placements in tranches of $5-10-15MM per activity – and have the ability to go significantly higher pending deal strength and ROI. As CRE markets recover in the U.S. – we see a willingness to sit in the market for an average of 3-5 years with most of these Straight Equity sources. These are tomorrow’s programs for CRE professionals & operators – available today…

We continue to offer cornerstone strategic programs – such as:

The IRA Network Construction & Development Program – up to 85% LTC Non-Recourse IRA Network is a direct underwriter for a deep Construction & Development fund accepting submissions starting at $8MM and up stateside, and $25MM and up internationally. Geographical Preference: United States, Canada, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Rates & Terms: range from 0-5%, 20-30yr Amortization with a 10-15yr balloon. JV-Equity & Straight Debt options available. All programs are Non-Recourse.

The IRA Network C&D program considers all types of Real Estate development. All projects are verified by simple site visit and face to face meetings with Borrower. This has been a performer.

Call us directly at 1-607-216-1995 to learn more about our creative CRE programs OR use the Contact Us to set an appointment.

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