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Capital Resource Referral

Find the Funding that Your Business Needs

The IRA team and its principals have decades of experience in operating in the funding world.  You can put those years of experience to work for you through utilizing IRA’s Capital Resource Services.   Your business project will be conceptually Pre-Qualified and profiled against our extensive Capital Resource Database, with over 5,000 unique entities listed, according to:

  • Business Type
  • Category
  • Size
  • Stage
  • Type of project
  • Funding Type Sought

And then packaged for optimum impact on the investment/funding community to be distributed according to SEC guidelines.  We will then publish your project to those lending and/or equity investing options (including our extensive database of highly respected venture capital resources and contacts who specialize in start ups and mezzanine level financing and referral to licensed securities broker dealers, if applicable) with whom your project matched the investing/funding criteria during the conceptual Pre-Qualification and profiling.

IRA Capital Resource Referral is on a best efforts basis.  IRA cannot guarantee nor warrant that any investment/funding source will invest or lend to your project.  The decisions to invest or lend remains in the sole discretion of the funding entity.


The “Take It to the Crowd” Process

Times are changing. Investors are more and more looking at the crowdfunding market to help guide them on their investment decisions. Business Plan Funding - Take it to the CrowdMore over, millions of dollars are raised each week for both profit and not for profit businesses through the “crowd”. Watching this growing trend, IRA Network has responded by developing the “Take It to the Crowd Process” that provides you with a complete soup to nuts, customized Crowdfunding and/or Crowdsourcing Strategy and Action Plan.  With this plan in place, IRA will then work with you in executing the Action Plan, and help you achieve success in raising much needed funding for your business project (Crowdfunding) as well as proving that all important bottom up support for your product or service (Crowdsourcing). Many will try Crowdfunding, but most will not achieve success.  The defining difference between those that meet with success and those that do not, comes down to effective preparation and an effective marketing plan.  IRA can help you with both. For more information, please visit the Take It to the Crowd page.

IRA Take It to the Crowd Service is on a best efforts basis.  IRA cannot guarantee nor warrant the success of your particular project.

Professional Business Plan Review Service

You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression

What does your business plan say about your business?  How will it be received by investors, lenders, and other potential funding sources? Maybe you don’t have the money to pay a professional consulting, but why not have the next best thing?  For as little as $75.00 you can have a professional business plan writer and consultant review your plan and provide a comprehensive report as to the plan’s strengths, weaknesses, and any areas of omissions.

Investor Ready Presentations and Document Services

Get Your Business’s Funding Request Noticed

The IRA Network offers everything you will need to ensure your business documents are “Investor Ready”, that is, that they are complete and ready to submit to for investment, be that through bank funding or from an investment entity.  You only get one chance to make a good first impression.  Don’t let your project get passed over because you don’t have a solid business plan and/or presentation ready.  Get your project noticed by potential funders by having an executive summary and one page project overview ready to market your capital request. We offer:

  • Professional Business Plan and Document Reviews (with written report)
  • Investor Ready Business Plan & Existing Business Plan Enhancement Services
  • Investor Ready Executive Summary Services
  • Investor Ready One Page Project Overview Services
  • Financial Statement Services (Proforma, P&L, Balance Sheet, Cashflow Analysis, & Break Even Analysis)
  • Slide Deck (Power Point Presentation) Services
  • MFA Project Opinion Letters
  • Business Funding Strategy Services
  • Exit/Payback Strategy Services
  • Elevator Pitch Services

For more information on any of these services, go to the Investor Ready Business Plan and Document Services page. The best part is, IRA will help find payment terms for these services that can fit most budgets.

Securities Documentation

SEC Compliant Security Documentation Services

While Business Plans are an important facet of corporate fund raising, they are, by themselves, not designed to effectively raise investor capital, if your fund raising strategy includes taking on multiple investors who will passively participate within the business project.  What is needed is a “mechanism” that provides the framework and structure necessary for a company to effectively solicit and receive capital investment from individual investors. The IRA Network will help you prepare and develop a PRIVATE PLACEMENT MEMORANDUM (PPM) and enhancement of companies Business Plan to meet SEC requirements for sale of securities along with an opinion letter from a Securities Attorney. For more information, please visit the Securities Document Services page. IRA can provide payment plans for this service.

IRA Business Incubator Program

Get a Team of Consultants Working with You to Build Your Business

IRA will help your business get going through a wide range of services including:

  • Business Formation
  • One on One Training & Consulting
  • Website Creation & Improvement
  • Logo Creation
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Consulting Services, one time & ongoing
  • Marketing Plans
  • Company Valuation

Put our team to work to help you get to where you want to go.  Whether your business is just a concept or a company that has been in business over 100 years, we have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you! IRA knows starting a business can be expensive and difficult, that is why it has programs that start for as little as $100.00 per month and can work with almost any budget.  We are truly here to help small and new businesses get the head start they need in order to succeed.

IRA Business Accelerator Program

Got Traction and Looking to Take It to the Next Level

If you have got your business moving forward with strong momentum and looking to take it to the next level, IRA wants to work with you to help you through providing any capital resources, consulting, and document preparation that you will need to facilitate rapid growth and expansion. Companies selected for the IRA Business Accelerator Program will have most, if not all, upfront charges and fees waived in lieu of a higher success fee (finder’s fee) or in exchange for a minor equity stake in the business venture. Put our experts to work for you, and accelerate your business with IRA for maximum impact!