The IRA Business Development Approach

Our mentoring advisory work is premised on the belief that all companies face issues with ownership, management, organizational structure, financial modeling and cash flow, and developmental issues at each stage of their evolution.

We work with our clients to develop a thorough road map understanding of what their vision, culture, goals, beliefs, values, are and what management tools ensure a continuity of leadership, and fiscal responsibility to building longevity and wealth within ones own criteria.The IRA Network provides business plan preparation, project evaluation, and the capital resource services necessary to start or expand your business.

Our philosophy and mission is to provide a continuum of talented, educated, and street-smart individuals focused as business development consultants and networked to support global entrepreneurship resulting in superior service and returns for investors, business partners and clients. The IRA Network will achieve this by providing innovative capital resource and management structures, business plan preparation and financial modeling and thorough disclosures and documentation while maintaining the following set of values:

Business Plan Funding Philosophy
  • High ethical standards
  • Empowerment of talented people
  • Performance of services to create value-added investments
  • High-level regard for the state of human, physical and financial resources
  • On-going improvement in quality and effectiveness of management services
  • Commitment to quality in client services, security of assets and investor relations
  • A culture with a sense of balance in work and personal life with a community presence
  • Lasting relationships with investors, lenders, business partners, clients, and team members

IRA’s leadership style will strive to achieve high levels of return on invested capital for its clients, business partners, and investors from superior levels of performance and service.