What is a Business Accelerator?

A business accelerator is best understood by comparing it to an incubator. While an incubator largely works with new and very young companies which has an idea that needs further development, an accelerator is appropriate for companies that have existingBusiness Plan Funding Accelerator Program traction and are looking for guidance in growth and expansion, or very close to taking their product/service to market. That is appropriate for an accelerator who already has a developed idea, and is seeking guidance and assistance (including funding) to move quickly into expanding their market or are very close to taking their idea to market.  Accelerators are generally much more short term programs meant to help a company go from walking to running.

IRA’s Accelerator Program

IRA’s Business Accelerator Program requires MFA and/or Project Evaluation Committee approval – see How We Work page for details.  It is typical for an accelerator program to take a nominal ownership interest in the company that will be working with, this usually ranges from a 5 to 10% equity stake in the business. IRA will waive most of the consulting and other IRA fees for companies accepted into this program (however, companies will be required to pay any external costs or fees).  As such, IRA will be very selective on companies that it will accept into its Accelerator program.

Companies selected will have a written Plan of Action established along with the agreement between IRA and the company.  IRA will assign an MFA who will act as an adviser to the business and a liaison between the company and any services, both internal and external, set forth in the Plan of Action.

The Accelerator Program will generally last for 90 days, though the exact length of time of service will be set for the written Plan of Action.

IRA’s Fee Structure for Accelerator Program

As stated above, the fee for service of IRA’s Accelerator Program is usually an equity position (5 – 10%) in the company in addition to any external expenses incurred on behalf of the read more business in executing the established and agreed upon Plan of Action.  This equity position can be augmented by payment for IRA’s consulting services, paid at an hourly rate of $60.00 per hour, with the approval of IRA.