Capital Resource Referral


We can help you find the right  fit for most projects or businesses, no matter what stage of development, with the following resources at your disposal:


  • Angel/Private Investors
  • Venture Capital Groups
  • Hedge Fund/Private Equity Investors
  • Investment Bankers & Broker Dealers
  • Hard Money Lenders
  • SBA Loan Originators
  • Equipment Sale-Leaseback
  • Commercial Lending & Real Estate Financing
  • Accounts Receivable and Purchase Order Factoring

For more information, please visit the Available Capital Resources page.

Service Details

The IRA Network will:

A.  The IRA will circulate your funding package to all its offices for distribution to IRA’s warm circle of capital resources to obtain introductions and funding opportunities.

B.  An IRA Business Development Specialist will concurrently research our extensive database of over 5,000 funding entities to find investors and/or lenders that match your company’s investment criteria. IRA will conceptually pre‐qualify your financing request within the projected terms and conditions outlined by our investors/lenders and publish your project’s Executive Summary to accredited funding resources. This can be proposed as pure equity capitalization with no repayment of principal but permanent investor equity participation or, if applicable, equity/debt capitalization.

C.  The IRA will diligently search for Investment forums, Investor Symposiums, and other opportunities to present your project to accredited investors (Angels), Venture Capital groups, and Institutional Investors.

D.  IRA Network, stays on top of what’s trending when it comes to Investor Ready Presentations & Documents, i.e. Investor likes and dislikes, and will assist you to meet their expectations by presenting a well developed Business Plan, Slide Deck, Executive Summaries, & Project Overviews which articulates sales estimates, market niche, cash flow, profit projections and working capital, use of proceeds, and evidence of competent accounting and control systems vital to successful financing.  Remember you only get one chance to make a good first impression.  We know investors, lenders, & other funders are looking for in a presentation and have direct access and relationships with literally thousands of  funding resources.

E.  In addition, IRA will publish your Investor Ready One Page Project Overview on one or more funding forums online which are frequented by accredited investors, investment bankers, and other funding sources.

Cost for Service

See Origination/Finders Fee Schedule Matrix below + Pre-requisits for Service below

* No compensation is earned unless a client accepts funding from an IRA referred funding source.  Client is NOT obligated to accept any offer.

Prerequisites for Service

(1) IRA MFA and/or Project Evaluation Committee Approval – Click HERE for more information

(2) IRA Project Opinion Letter – Click HERE for more information
(3) IRA Investor Ready One Page Project Overview – Click Here for more information
(4) Client Supplied Business Plan and Executive Summary Accepted by IRA (or IRA created documents)

Origination/Finders Fee Schedule Matrix

As compensation for originating lending sources for clients, IRA shall be compensated based on the following universally accepted Lehman formulas:

Fees for originating Conventional loans , Other i.e. factoring  P.O’s & A/R’s  and credit card funding
ConsiderationLocal Development Companies (SBICs)SBA Backed LoanConventional Bank Loan Hard Money-Other
 4%3%2%1-5 %
Fees for originating capital for loans  and or equity investment   from Angels, Venture capital , Crowdsourcing/funding, etc.
Amount of Capital acquired
Considerationfirst $1 mm $2nd  mm $3rd mm   $4th mm$5 mm +
 5%+4%+3% 2%+1% thereafter

Any subsequent funding arising from the above referenced sources will also be subject to similar compensation fees over a three year period excluding Crowdsourcing/funding, from the time of the original capitalization.

The above referenced funding sources may also require a fee for financing that is arranged independent of our due diligence and referral compensation fee. Therefore, the total client funding fee requirements may consist of fees from a combination of sources.  As a third party referring entity, IRA cannot and does not guarantee the funding, terms, conditions, or actual details of the funding requirements.


In the event you are seeking to raise money through selling equity in your company, we will refer you to a licensed security broker dealer, who may be entitled to receive a broker’s commission for assisting you in the capital raise up.

* Neither IRA nor any of its principals, officers, or employees may ask or solicit securities on behalf of client or be paid a commission or similar remuneration on the sale of client’s stock (as defined by Rule 506 RegD and promulgated by the SEC).

** All loan origination fees must be compliant with state and Federal laws.

*** The term “Affiliate” does not necessarily imply any ownership in the corresponding company’s or entities. Such terminology as used in conjunction with Internet business models is merely meant to convey a working relationship with an independent party that promotes the product of a merchant in exchange for a commission. Also an associate, partner, reseller, or referral partner.