Business Opportunities at Business Plan Funding

Become an associate or an affiliate of The IRA Network. We offer the following distinct financial opportunities:

Professional Affiliate Program

A referral program providing an additional income stream for existing Brokers, Lenders, Realtors, Lawyers, Accountants, Investment Bankers and Business Development Specialists.


Master Financial Associate Program (MFA)

Lucrative business opportunities for professionals & entrepreneurs who are looking for a career change, new business or profession.

Our prestigious MFA program provides business plan preparation, document preparation and consulting services along with venture capital resources to new and emerging businesses.

With the unprecedented instability of the economic downturn and loss of jobs it seems more and more people are thinking about entrepreneurship from middle managers ousted Business Opportunities at Business Plan Fundingfrom large corporations, to graying baby boomers, to recent high school and college graduates. Entrepreneurs are seeking venture capital at a fever pitch and Investors have responded by indicating that they are looking to invest in new and emerging businesses instead of investing in top heavy corporate companies with over paid CEO’s.

One Trillion in private equity to companies last year and this year with banks on hold, private equity has emerged as the leading vehicle for capitalizing new and emerging companies. All businesses seeking venture funding are required to have a business plan and most are uncertain as to where or how to raise capital. We are, to our knowledge, one of the only companies providing professional business plan services and financial resources for investment capital.

By joining our prestigious national network of business, legal and financial professionals, you will be servicing a unique service niche with high demand, little competition and lucrative earnings. You have Worked Hard – Has it Worked for You?

Build on your professional strengths and experience while earning lucrative fees as an MFA with one of  the nation’s oldest and  leading professional business plan brokering service.

The IRA Network,: Writes the plans. does the billing. provides lending and venture capital resources

Use Our Extensive Reputation and Professional Resources to Jump Start Your Business! As a Certified Master Financial Associate (MFA) of the IRA Network, you will instantly be able to capitalize on our extensive business references and funding resources. You will not be limited to one category of business, one product, service, or type of loan. These are key factors which will bring you success…being able to jump start your business with various types of business funding.

There is a huge, untapped market waiting for you. Each is easy to understand. By providing business plans and financial resources from the three hottest financial markets, we have forged one of the outstanding business opportunities of the new millennium. Our Market Niche is Tremendous and Increasing Every Day It is difficult to pick up a newspaper without reading about some new product or services that are transforming every aspect of our lives. Some firms, which were conceived only a few years ago, are some of today’s household names, for example, Microsoft, Ebay, and Intel and Facebook.

Although some of the overnight successes have had difficulty in coping with rapid growth, this does not diminish the scope of their achievement. The high tech boom and the outstanding rewards it has produced for early investors sparked a flood of venture capital into burgeoning high tech companies and new businesses of all kinds. They have also sparked the imagination of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs. Of course, you do not have to be high tech to be innovative. In recent years, entrepreneurs have brought an innovative flair to a vast range of operations, scoring spectacular successes by applying new management and marketing techniques to traditional businesses, such as the health and fitness industries, restaurants, hair care services and specialty magazines.

Your Timing Could not Be Better! A Business Opportunity with Several Income Streams

BUSINESS AND MARKETING PLANS With over 14 MILLION businesses and several million people wanting to go into business, your market is virtually limitless.

According to “The Economist”, 600,000 new businesses are now started in the U.S. every year – about seven times as many that were started in the “so-called” boom years of the 50’s and 60’s.

Business plans and other types of documentation are now considered a requirement by every funding institution, bank, SBIC, SBA, and venture capitalists, as well as companies extending large amounts of credit to their clients.

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE LOANS (Development, Construction) Mortgage loan originations hit a record $800 BILLION last year.

Referrals from business development consultants and loan brokers now account for 60% of total loan origination volume………surpassing the direct origination volume of banks and savings institutions.

BUSINESS LOANS AND VENTURE CAPITAL FUNDING (Term Loans, Credit Lines, SBA, Accounts Receivable, Factoring, Private Investments) There are more than 14 MILLION businesses in the U. S. and nearly every one is a loan prospect.

Business loans have been virtually ignored by traditional loan brokers, leaving you a gold mine of opportunity.

Recent funding legislations have increased funding for loans under $1 million, even for start-up companies.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING CONSULTING Virtually every business needs assistance and advise in strategic planning, administration techniques, concept ideation, development, advertising, operational methods, and financial/economic modeling.
GRAPHICS/PUBLIC RELATIONS PACKAGING Most every company needs to develop or improve their logo and identity through the use of stationery, letterhead, business cards, direct mailers as well as advertising and public relations. Graphic artists play a huge role in corporate modeling.
INTERNET WEB DESIGN AND MARKETING Web page design and marketing is the most cost-effective way to reach potential customers worldwide. If you have a well designed and marketed web page, you have access to an ever-growing market. Business Plan Funding Business OpportunitiesThe majority of large and high profile companies are now online and doing business electronically. By having your business online, your products and/or services will be available to potential customers worldwide, 24 hours a day. A small company can have a site every bit as professional and functional as larger competitors and is thereby able to compete on a more level playing field.


PARALEGAL WORK (Business, financial, marketing forms, agreements and documents) Again, with 14 MILLION businesses, your opportunity to provide customized business forms, documents and brochures are virtually limitless!

Our corporate facilities and lenders do the paperwork, writing, preparation and documentation on all the above mentioned services. We remove the clerical, analytical and time consuming burden of having to write business plans, filling out forms and documents, and handling billing/collection procedures for you. This allows you to concentrate 100% of your efforts in originating business plan clients, venture capital funding resources, and other services we provide.

As a Certified Master Financial Associate (MFA), you will be offering the public the only product everyone needs and wants – money .Business Plan Funding Fees

MFA is the IRA Network’s professional recognition title awarded to individuals who have completed the intensive training program. This professional distinction shows your lending sources and clients that you have the expertise and support behind you – a network encompassing all phases of business and financial development services. You will become knowledgeable on all types of business planning and financial programs available to fulfill your client’s financing needs for commercial real estate development, construction and business loans. Because of your designation as an MFA, you can become a respected member of the financial community working with CPAs, MBAs, traditional bankers, attorneys, real estate brokers, venture capital firms, investment bankers and brokerage houses.

Professional Affiliate Program

Brokers, Lenders, Realtors, Lawyers, Accountants, Investment Bankers and Business Development Our referral fee guarantee applies to all segments of our business. Provide us with the name, address and phone number of the prospective client, or have the client contact us – we do the rest. We will send you commission is paid promptly after we receive our fee. Click here to read more about our affiliate referral program and to complete our information request form. 

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