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The IRA Network has 21 + years of experience in working with entrepreneurs and business owners to start and grow their businesses through IRA’s assistance in sourcing funding, consulting, and other services.  The IRA Network Associates and it’s principals have been involved with Thousands in debt, equity, M&A transactions, consulting and strategic affiliations.  Whether your business idea is just a concept you have in mind or a family owned business that has been around for generations, we have the experience and knowledge that will enable you to grow your business.

IRA is independent of any other firm.  We do not represent any particular funding source, be that an investor, bank, venture capital group, etc.  We work directly with you, helping you to achieve your personal vision and goals for your business.

We offer a wide range of business services for you, regardless of what stage of development your business is in presently.  Many of IRA’s services can be utilized by any business for any legal purpose, while some of IRA’s services require IRA acceptance of the project, as detailed below in the “IRA Acceptance Process” section.

The following services DO NOT require prior IRA acceptance of the project:

The following services REQUIRE prior IRA acceptance of the project (as set forth below):

Applications accepted by IRA will be subject to discounted services and other considerations (e.g. deferral of part of payment for services until funding, or equity in lieu of full upfront  payment or combination of both) for any of IRA’s services listed.  Any such deviation will be established at the time of IRA’s acceptance of the project and the corresponding Plan of Action.

IRA Acceptance Process

Step 1:  Pre-Qualification and Account Executive Interview

No Cost or Obligation

A FREE Pre-Qualification Form completed online or  by telephone consultation with one of our account executives.  This Pre-Qualification Form gathers some basic information about the company along with an elevator pitch and basic project overview.  Whether completed online or by telephone consultation, one of our account executives will review the information and discuss the project with you to determine if the project is a potential fit for Capital Resource Referral and/or Crowdfunding/Crowdsourcing Services.

Once the account executive makes this determination, your project will either be referred to one of IRA’s MFA Business Analysts or rejected based upon IRA’s internal criteria, which follows trends and present preferences in the capital markets along with the crowdfunding arena.

If the project is accepted and referred to one of IRA’s MFA analysts for an Initial Business Consultation (see MFA Initial Business Analyst Consultation below), the account executive will schedule a telephone conference call along with sending out our complete literature package which contains a project questionnaire.  The account executive will request any supporting documentation, such as a business plan, executive summary, financial statements, etc, if available, to be supplied by you ahead of the scheduled conference call.

Step 2: MFA Initial Business Analyst Consultation     

No Cost or Obligation

A full hour will be set aside by one of our MFA Business Analysts  who will perform a cursory review of your business documents, if any, the Pre-Qualification Form, and provide a comprehensive initial consultation on your project’s funding potential to include discussion of the following:

  • Industry overview
  • Business model
  • Your marketing strategy
  • Value proposition
  • Exit and payback strategy
  • Use of proceeds
  • Management capabilities
  • Project hot buttons
  • Company’s financials

After the above referenced subject matter is discussed a determination will be made by the MFA Business Analyst and/or the project evaluation committee (if applicable) as to the project’s concept idea and the potential for funding.  IRA will then accept your project, reject your project, or table your project pending additional information.  

* In the event that the MFA Business Analyst tables your project for additional information to be provided prior to making a determination (including submission of the project to the project evaluation committee), the project will be returned to the account executive who will then request the needed information from you.

* IRA will only accept those projects for Capital Resource Referral, Crowdfunding/Crowdsourcing Services, and IRA Business Accelerator Program, which it, in its sole discretion, believes will have the potential to meet with success.  IRA  chargers a finder’s fee  when permitted by state and federal law on any funding obtained through Equity and or Capital loans originated through the IRA Network. Such finders or origination fees  are based on the amount of capital and funding source. That’s why we are always looking for businesses with a good ideas, the right market, and competent management – businesses that we feel, based on our 17+ years of experience, will get funded. IRA will evaluate your project to determine its viability and funding potential. If your project qualifies and we agree to take it on, you must agree that our relationship is disclosed on the settlement statement as the referring broker to the lender on behalf of the principals.

The present state of the business documents has no bearing on acceptance or rejection decisions. Should we decide to go forward, in the event you do not have a business plan or you are in the early stages of preparing one, IRA Business Development Professionals will help you write, enhance, or complete your plan and/or other needed documentation.
Step 3: Project Acceptance

After our  cursory preliminary evaluation of your project to determine if your project  has funding potential within our network of Angel Investors, Venture Capital resources, Lenders, etc; and your project is accepted, a Plan of Action and Proposal for our Capital Resources Referral, Crowdfunding/Crowdsourcing Services, and/or IRA Business Accelerator Program will be issued.

This Plan of Action, however, may require additional necessary vital services to prepare your project for a positive reception in the funding community.  Should you choose for IRA to provide such services, some of these  services may be fee driven and need to be paid prior to submission to funding sources. However,  not to worry, IRA realizes that you  most likely came to IRA looking for money and not to spend monies up front you can’t afford to part with. This is where IRA  differs from other funding resource entities,  IRA offers upfront  cost installment payment arrangements as well as deferring  and offsetting substantial  fees for higher finder’s and/or equity parcitipation in your project.

IRA will provide the Capital Resource Referral, Crowdfunding/Crowdsourcing Services, and/or IRA Business Accelerator Program offered based upon what is needed to have the greatest likelihood of meeting with success.  Any and all costs, including our finder’s fee on any funding obtained, will be fully disclosed in writing in advance of signing any agreements.

Step 4: Service Begins and Timelines

The service costs, if any, along with the IRA finder’s fee (see Capital Resource Referral and/or Crowdfunding/Crowdsourcing Service pages for details), will be detailed in writing.  Upon your acceptance of IRA’s Plan of Action and Proposal, service will begin.  A completion timeline will be included in the Plan of Action and Proposal and depends upon the particulars of your project and its supporting documents.

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