Business Document Review Service Professional Business Plan Review

Have a business plan but not sure if it is “Investor Ready”? Would you like to have an industry professional’s assistance, input, and guidance without spending thousands of dollars?  Look no further!  A professional review of your business plan is just a click away to see our Website.

This is not just a simple review of your business ratios off of your P&L and Balance Sheet and matching this up against your industry. Rather, a professional business plan analyst will be assigned to read, review, and provide a full written, comprehensive report as to the strengths and weaknesses of your business plan, with a focus on receiving funding.

This review and report will include (when applicable):

  • Products
  • Services
  • Sourcing
  • Technology
  • Competition
  • Patents/Intellectual Property
  • Mission Statement
  • Company Culture
  • Company Information
  • Objectives & Goals
  • Legal Description
  • Company Ownership & Stock Allocation
  • Company History
  • Company Accomplishments
  • Industry Overview & Analysis
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Keys to Success
  • Operations & Operations Plan
  • Company Milestones
  • Management
  • Risks
  • Financial Overview
  • Exit/Payback Strategy
  • Marketing Concept
  • Consumer Profile
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Financial Assumptions
  • Revenue Sources
  • Funding Requirements
  • Capitalization Options
  • Financial Statements
  • Financial Reports

    And that is the short list! Even if you don’t have all of these areas completed, why not find out where your deficiencies lie so that you can better complete your business plan, and give yourself the best possible chance of achieving funding for your business? Click here.

Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression.  

Base Fee $ 75.00

This includes a complete, comprehensive review of your business plan by a professional business plan writer AND a full written report

Additional Option #1

Includes 1 hour of Consulting time with an MFA (a $60.00 value) to discuss the report and answer any questions you may have
Fee $105.00

Addition Option #2

Includes all of the above but with a focus on creation or integration of a securities offering with your business plan
Fee $125.00