Become an affiliate of The IRA Network!

Additional income stream for existing brokers, lenders, realtors, lawyers, accountants, investment bankers and business development specialists. Business Plan Funding Affiliate Program

We would like to give you a piece of our business. If you refer a client in need of our services, we’ll pay you a referral fee of up to 10%


Very simply put, our company will pay you or your company up to 10% of the gross fee paid to us by any person or company you refer because referrals help keep our regional and national advertising costs to a minimum.

How much can you make?
Our fees to prepare and/or package business plans range from $3,500 to $40,000. We base these fees on the type and scope of business,

research required, the amount of marketing and financial information the client has already completed, and the time estimated to complete the package.

Since we also get a loan origination fee of up to 7% on any funds raised as a result of our Business Plan and/or our base fee often includes stock options, we will pay you up to 10% of that as well, i.e. if the client gets a loan of $500,000, you can receive up to 10% of our 7%. At 7% of $500,000 = $35,000: Your share ($35,000 x 10%) = $3,500 If our base fee included a stock option of 5%, you would also receive 1:5% in stock options.
Perhaps we can help each other.

We are an industry leader when it comes to preparing and packaging new or existing business plans for Bank and SBA backed loans. Business Plan Funding - Helping each otherShould your client need venture capital, we can refer you to the appropriate licensed and certified IRA Associates to assist your clients in the preparation of Private Placement Memorandums and Small Company Offering Registrations (SCOR). Our network of professionals excels at finding hard money lenders and other private funding sources for new businesses, acquisitions, project development and expansion.

We also provide many other business development services (see below).

It is a well-known fact that all banks, private lenders, and many manufacturers, suppliers and re-sellers now require a comprehensive business plan with up to date financials and long-term projections in order to make credit, funding, and marketing decisions. We expect that in the course of doing business, you will, from time to time, come across clients that need one or more of our services. Many of our lenders can fund loans with income, credit or collateral problems.

What is the IRA Network?

We know you value your client relationship and wouldn’t want to refer them to just anybody. Our extensive industry and client references are available to you on request. The IRA Network stands for Investor Resource Alliance, a national firm which develops and markets Business Plans designed to support the financial goals of its clients. Our Financial Services Group is comprised of entrepreneurs, SEC specialty attorneys, CPA’s, Investment Bankers, Private Lenders, and Venture Capitalists ready to help your client with the critical advantage needed to obtain funding in today’s demanding financial environment.

For the record, the IRA Network of affiliates and associates reflects 25+ years experience in creating business and marketing plans, as well as raising capital for projects ranging from 50K to tens of million dollars. We have accomplished this in both the private and public sector arena by creating effective Business Plans, Insider Stock Incentive Plans, and showcasing for Private Placement Memorandums and Small Company Offering Registrations (SCOR) utilizing PowerPoint and other graphic techniques. Check swipe n clean.

Keep us in mind

We look forward to helping your client referral get started with a business plan package that will communicate the type of professional business project that banks and venture capitalists demand.

Please complete our Pre-Qualification Form and we will contact you with more information on joining our affiliate referral program. 

If you prefer, you may contact our Corporate Office at 1-607-216-1995.