Testimonials for Business Plan Funding (IRA Network)

“This would not be possible without you, Thank you!”
-Shawn P. (Kansas City, MO)

“Highly impressed. The experience has been great. Staff was prompt, efficient, responsive, knowledgeable, and professional.”
-Janulyn W. (Lithonia, GA)

“IRA is an organization full of professional/experienced people”
-Chris I . (Moores Hill, IN)

“Very pleased with work done – Impressed by knowledge of private placements.”
-Lewis B. (Garrison, ND)

“I simply wanted to inform you and your associates that I was so impressed by your Business Plan Package, that I have suggested your service to a number of other entrepreneurs wishing to pursue Pak Mail franchises.”
-Whitfield and Joanne W. (Miramare, FL)

“Your company has added a definite professional quality to my project. More than I would have been able to do on my own.”
-Benjamin H. (Walnut, CA)

“In the future, when I am in the market to expand and/or buy an ambulance, I know exactly where to go.”
-Franco W. (Centerville, UT)

“Very professional staff and organization to work with; business plan writer was very knowledgeable and professional. Super work ethic.”
-Wardo Z. (Carisbad, CA)

“When I first came to the IRA Network I had only a coarse corporate plan. The professionals of the IRA Network helped give that plan structure, in turn helping me define a vision for my company. Now, as I shop my business plan to perspective investors, I not only have a firm understanding of my corporate direction, but also the literature and financials to substantiate my objectives.”
-Irwin P. (Long Island, NY)

“Very satisfied with the results – A first rate experience.”
-Ryan C. (Lima, NY)

“Pleasure working with IRA – would refer anyone to IRA.”
-Richard I. (Reno, NV)

“Our overall experience has been excellent! Thank you!”
-Scott W. (Crestwood, KY)

“Once again a pleasure to work with – outstanding business plan.”
-Steve W. (Ocala, FL)

“Everyone has been very helpful and quick to address any questions or problems I have had.”
-Bret P. (Pocatello, ID)

“I came to your company simply looking for a business plan. What I got in return was guidance and assistance in every stage of the funding process. Without your expert advice and the capital you helped me obtain, my dreams of running my own company would never have come to fruition. I would recommend your services to anyone who wishes to expand or start any venture!”
-Tony M. (Endwell, NY)

“I would refer IRA to colleagues and friends. “
-Aimee G . (Loranger, LA)

“Very professional and quick to respond to our needs. Thank you. “
-Kellie G . (Las Vegas, NV)

“I think it is first rate – Others I shared with think so too!”
-Joanne M. (East Grand Forks, MN)

“I am very pleased with the end result and feel very confident.”
-Stacey W. (Neptune, NJ)

“Very satisfied with finished product.”
-Philip R. (Eagon, MN)

“Very professional and to the point. Graphics perfect.”
-Angela J. (Rock Island, IL)

“I was very impressed. The plan was very well prepared, easy to read, informative, and very well researched.”
-Andrew B . (Corona, CA)

“It was handled in a professional manner and was done in a timely fashion.”
-Fred E. (White Plains, MD)

“The business plan is very well put together and conveys the message of the company perfectly.”
-Darrick B. (Hampton, GA)

“I wanted to use this forum to succinctly express to other entrepreneurs the value of your services. It was your suggestion that we lease from a bank, rather than buy essential equipment that reduced my loan requirement by over $500,000. This was simply one of the many instances your advice and experience greatly impacted my business’s growth. I would not hesitate in recommending IRA Network to any of my peers.”
-Barry D. and Doug S. (Endicott, NY)

“Excellent research and presentation of data, and in depth knowledge of the industry.”
-Daniel M. (Hempstead, NY)

“We love the business plan! We are so ecstatic at the final product. I think we jumped up and down for a good 15 minutes. The way all the information we sent to you as well as information you researched on your own comes together brings smiles to our faces. Both of us feel that you have truly given us 110% of your professional effort. Working with you has been a great experience for us. Your ability to convey our passion about our business is second to none. Whether through an email or speaking over the phone you remained professional and courteous even when we started to get anxious about the project. The result was a finely crafted Business plan and funding referral service that we could not be happier with. “
-Brent S. (Miami, Fl.)

“I am very impressed with the service provided. Sharon was absolutely wonderful. Everything was first class and the time and effort is greatly appreciated.”
-Donald C. (Sauk Village, IL)

“The IRA Network has exceeded my expectations in their work quality and professionalism. “
-Larry G. (Cleveland Heights, OH)

“Absolutely fantastic!!!! Incredible group of individuals.”
Matthew J. (Aylett, VA)

“The plan was well put together.”
-Bruce H . (Tampa, FL)