Venture Capital Services

The IRA Network can help you when traditional sources for capital say no by providing alternative UL4u lending and funding resources. The IRA Network knows from their extensive experience  that entrepreneurs are traditionally risk-takers and usually put their own credit and finances at risk, and therefore may not have the credit or collateral required by a conventional bank or lender. Perhaps you fall under that category, or maybe you don’t have the management skills or the experience lenders are looking for. In either case, help is at hand. We are back to promising times for entrepreneurs starting up or financing growth companies. The banking industry has begun to aggressively offer start-up capital, while venture capitalists are beginning to invest in start-up companies with renewed confidence. The IRA Network can assist you in preparing or enhancing your business plan to put you in the best light for presentation to both conventional and alternative sources of loans. In addition, we will expose you to a number of other options including  Crowdfunding, Equity funding (giving up shares of your company) to Angel Investors and Venture Capital sources that can  provide you with capital in exchange for debt and equity, or  offer you a combination of both. We also have a group of what the industry refers to as Hard Money Lenders who will make loans, but at a higher rate of interest than a conventional bank or lender. The options are many and may provide viable alternatives to conventional loan sources. Optimize your chances of finding the capital you need and deserve by contacting us now. “While browsing the Internet, I came across numerous companies that offered Business Plan Services. However, The IRA was the only outfit offering complete consultation and capital recruitment. Not only was I impressed with the diversity of service, but also with the professionalism and affability of your staff. I felt as if my project was your top priority. Thanks a million…literally!” -Bill R. (Austin, T The IRA Network understands the need for interim funding NOW. We know that without an immediate injection of capital, you can be discouraged or even prevented from realizing your dreams of opening a business or expanding your existing business. The IRA Network can recommend several funding options that can provide you with the interim capital or seed money you need while we are working on funding the big picture. We do everything in our power to expedite the process. Your success is our success, as our fees are structured, to a large degree, on finding you the money you need.