If you engage us we can research the States’ securities laws. However you can also consult a qualified securities attorney in your state for exact answers. A SCOR form is the Government’s version of a simple offering, limited to $1MM, and generally available to anyone trying to raise that amount of capital. It’s a 37-page form that we can do for you or you can fill out, however, you will need help from an attorney and accountant. Also, since it’s somewhat of a “public offering”, be aware that your State Securities people will scrutinize it carefully before they approve it.

That goes beyond the scope of this web site, and would best be addressed by your local community’s outreach programs. Look up the SBTDC in your area government listing and inquire about classes or instruction in business building. Also, check to see if you have classes such as the Kauffman Foundation’s “Fast Trac” in your area.

Investors don’t insist you have your management team in place when you’re trying to raise money. They DO expect you to identify who you will hire, or that you are in need of certain key people. Investors also want to see that you recognize the importance of having a good “top dog” running the ship. In other words, if you have no track record of running a company, it’s unlikely an Investor will invest in you with his or her money as long as you’re positioned to run the company. Check out uptownjungle.com. In cases like that, we urge entrepreneurs to identify a “President” or “COO” from the outside the company. This should be the person who runs things operationally.

Generally speaking, with our vast resources we can find you a competitive rate. In certain cases we can get you more favorable and even longer terms than most “conventional” lenders. eg: up to 30 year commercial loan with 90% LTV. Of course, your credit rating is a key factor.

While it is not possible for us to absolutely predict, your chances of being funded are greatly enhanced by our extensive knowledge and investor relationships built on over 25 years in this field.

A 30-120 day timeframe is normal dependent on different factors such as the level of service you choose, promptness in providing requested information, investor reviews, and so forth. However, if you are simply looking to finance property or equipment for your business or personal use, the timeframe is in the range of 30-45 business days.

Our prices are equitable and competitive with other companies who offer professionally prepared business plans. Our business plans can range from 20 to over 40 pages and cover diverse categories, topics, and subjects. The following factors are considered: A) Are we starting from scratch or is the client supplying us with some support documents B) How complex is the project? Is the business local, national or international with multiple locations, distribution channels and target markets, etc. or is it just a single entity. All of these variables are discussed further in the conference call and a cost basis will be established.

We are willing to work within a client’s budget. However, we would have to be paid at least a portion of the client’s contracted billing amount upfront to cover our internal costs.

It varies depending upon industry, timing, economic factors and the development stage of the project.

At the appropriate time in the qualifying process we can provide references that you can contact. We will also be asking for references from you as well.

IRA stands for Ivestors Resource Alliance. We are a full service business development firm with two core services: business document preparation and creative financing and funding.

No, but we will help you find those resources.

Simply put – our reputation is also on the line but we also want to make sure you see the “forest” among the “trees”.

First, it helps you by providing a “road map” for your business. Second, it is used to show potential sources of money how you will generate profits.

Venture Capital is probably not the correct form of capital for your small business. You’ll most likely be better served by debt financing, or “Angel” financing if your business can generate a significant return on investment.

No. What we do guarantee is that your plan will be seen by our IRA Network Associates. Additionally, it will be profiled for selective distribution for submission to literally hundreds of qualified lenders and investors in our database. If your plan is good, you have a pretty good chance of being funded. However, if your plan is flawed, the investors likely will not show interest.