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Venture Capital Funding & Business Plan Education, Courses & Seminars

San Antonio College Continuing Education, The University of Texas at Austin, and the IRA Network, LLC, formed a partnership which focuses on small business venture capital, financial services, entrepreneurial, and business plan education programs.

Our business plan education courses are aimed at the small business entrepreneur who is considering starting a business or has recently started a business.

The IRA Network is comprised of business professionals, entrepreneurs and consultants. Drawing on a Street$mart™ concrete base of business, legal and financial experience, regular on-going class sessions and seminars are conducted by experienced and Street$mart™ IRA Certified Master Financial Associates (MFAs). The team applies real world information to your particular needs and provides feedback and suggestions to compile recommendations, procedures and solutions which are applicable to your particular business and marketing plan.

What people are saying about our training…

“Good stuff…You don’t get from textbooks.”

“A must for the start-up entrepreneur.”

“Great information for the beginner getting in business on a limited budget.”

“I found your training to be informative and refreshing…”

“The hands-on activities make the concepts more understandable and useable.”

“Insightful in service; ‘common sense’ presentation; colorful, energetic instructor.”

Street$mart™ Seminars & Courses

Guerilla MarketingGetting the Edge on Your CompetitionStrike While You’re Hot

Find Your Niche Through NetworkingTraps for First Time Entrepreneur
Turf Positioning“Location, Location, Location”Looking Like A Winner

Combat AdvertisingGet Your Customers Away From Your Competition
Public Relations Free Publicity-How to Keep Your Customers Well Informed
Crisis ManagementWhen You Don’t Have The Money You Need
E-CommerceWhat You Need to Know And Do Without Spending A Lot Of Money
Business Plan WritingRaise Capital with A Winning Business Plan
Get The Most Out Of Your Cash FlowSimplified Accounting And Street$mart™ Budgeting
Controlling Your Growth and ExpansionTrusting Your Gut FeelingWhen, Where And How

Power Negotiation DrillsBuy Right – Sell Right
How to Give OrdersLearn How To Say No
Pay Your Bills On Your TermsBuild And Develop a Good Credit Rating
Lease or BuyWhen And How To lease Or Buy Facilities, Equipment, Services, Etc.
Creative Ways To Finance Your BusinessUse Accrual PensionsGet Suppliers to Finance You

Advantages of Home BusinessesWorking Out Of Your Own BankerTax Ramifications

Street$mart™ AgreementsCreate Contracts That Protect Your Business
Don’t Be Intimidated By Lending InstitutionsWhat Lenders Need To Know To Give You a Bank/SBA Loan
Local Loan Development FundingGet Local Companies to Help You With Getting Your Business Off The Ground
Minority Funding and ContractingHow To Use Your Minority Status To Your Advantage
Money, Money, MoneyHow To Convince Private Individuals To Invest In Your Business or Idea
Taxes and Legal NeedsHow To Make Sure You Have Enough $ to pay Your Business Taxes – What To Do If You Can’t

Continuing Education Units (CEU s) will be awarded for each course. CEUs may be applied toward professional certifications, and can be applied toward credit in traditional course curriculum.