Master Financial Associate Program (MFA)

The IRA Network  is pleased to provide qualified professionals the opportunity to join our licensee program. If accepted into our Master Financial Associate (MFA)™ program, you will be joining a prestigious Professional Alliance of IRA Network Business Consultants.  Due to our proven business model, we can now begin our national expansion, so you are looking at one of the most lucrative ‘ground floor’ opportunities around.


Since 1996, The Investor Resource Alliance (IRA) Network LLC. was one of the leading  nationwide groups of professional consultants specializing in business planning, business development services and provides resources for what every business needs: CAPITAL to start or expand their business.   The Principles of IRA network LLC. has now joined forces with the Capital Resource Associates network,LLC. Our combined and mutual mission has always been to provide comprehensive business and marketing plans that project our clients’ needs in a way that gets immediate and serious consideration and ultimately the capital they need. IRA has numerous business and  capital resources throughout the United States and abroad.


The small business sector of the U.S. economy is the driving force of the American marketplace.  A recent study showed that small businesses made up 99.7% of all United States employers.  Additionally, home-based businesses account for 53% of all small business.*  Using this knowledge, IRA Network has developed a suite of services aim directly at the small business owner.

Business Marketing Plans Equity Funding Concept Ideation Demographic Analysis
Real Estate Master Planning Business Valuation
Distributorship/Licensing Purchase/Acquisition Action Plans Feasibility Studies
Equity Proposals Factoring Public Relations Graphic Design
Economic Loan Opportunities (ELO) Venture Capital Referral Franchise Development Public Relations Packaging
Local Development Loan Company (LDLC) Loans Private Placement Memorandums Coaching Logo and Advertising Development
SBA/Bank Proposals Debt Financing Brand Development Paralegal Work

As a MFA, you act in a consulting capacity and are in turn rewarded by helping your clients reach their aspirations to be in their own business or expand their current one.  Whether it is preparing a simple business plan or formating a complex private placement memorandum, our innovative approach to each of our client’s specialized needs insures that they attain the maximum professional exposure in the financial market like Knight Finance do with their clients.

Our IRA staff and affiliates are all professional business consultants, consisting of MBAs, CPAs, and lawyers, as well as non-degreed individuals who possess outstanding business and/or corporate backgrounds.  IRA members have decades of hands-on experience in an industry designed solely to help business clients realize their financial goals.  There is a huge, untapped market waiting for you.