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IRA Network, LLC’s  100%  A+ Track Record

The IRA Network, LLC has been in business for 21 years and during that trime has maintained an outstanding A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).The principles recently merged with Capital Resource Associates Network LLC. Through our expanded national business development network, we can now  implement and expedite any stage of project development – from conception to ideation, from preliminary negotiations through the complete business development process up to and including referral to IRA associates who are licensed professional securities specialists who can help you find funding in the venture capital arena. As the forerunner in our industry, we realize that our success, to a large degree, depends on our client’s success. Since your business is a proactive part of the development and implementation of our solutions, you are continually apprised of our progress.With over twenty-five years of experience in writing business plans, coupled with extensive marketing and investment contact, our network of affiliates and associates has assisted companies in procuring from $50 thousand to tens of millions of capital for its diverse roster of clientele. Specializing in business plan packaging for both private and public sectors, we can package and deliver your proposal in the most persuasive way possible and produce compelling results.


Our Professionals have worked on all types of projects including: small mom and pop businesses, home-based businesses, to multi-unit independent businesses and service projects including franchising and distributorships. Our IRA network professionals possess the ability to successfully advise with respect to complicated debt and equity offerings and undertake challenging consulting roles. Utilizing the combined expertise of our corporate finance, legal, research, and business development departments we have created a dynamic integrated approach to preparing documents for the acquisition of capital yielding superior results. It is our ability to package your financial request in a way that makes investors and lenders take notice that separates us from our competitors. Click this site. We are well known  and respected in our industry and communicate with  hundreds of potential  investors  weekly on behalf of our clients .

Whether our clients wish to start a home-based business, sell, restructure, or buy a franchise, we help them realize their financial objectives through superior business negotiating and structuring. We assist with services such as documentation formatting and preparation of  Slide Decks , Videos and other presentations , PR materials and documents  for:

  • Small Corporate Offering Registrations
  • Direct Public Offerings
  • Private Placements
  • Secondary Offerings
  • Bridge Financing
  • Business and Market Analysis
  • Restructuring
  • Business Valuation
  • Logo  design
  • Marketing Presentation
  • Public Relations Packages
  • Web Site Design and Marketing
  • Franchising and Distributorships
  • Crowdfunding
  • Technology Driven Company’s

When you do need a comprehensive plan, we can make the difference!

Our business plans are much more than a tool to obtain funding. Preparing a plan helps clarify your company’s direction and can give birth to a corporate philosophy. We describe what your company is, what it does, who does the work, what it takes to do that work, and who the competition is. With this information, we can project where you want your business to be and what it will take to get there.

All plans are designed and integrated to meet your specific needs. Sections include: an Executive Summary, Vision, Mission and Goals, Company Overview, Company Milestones, Product Strategy, Operations Plan, Market Analysis, Marketing Plan, Financial Plan, Financial Statements, and Supporting Documents. A standard plan includes several drafts and 6 printed and bound hard copies. A Business Plan, on average, will take up to 30 days to complete, unless stated otherwise, provided all sufficient information needed is provided to us by the client on a timely basis, and that such information does not require major revisions. Find out the plunge in san diego.


The IRA Network has established an outstanding reputation for responding to dynamic market and economic environments with creative business plans and extensive funding resources. Our unique services and innovative financing strategies consequently bring our clients results. We conduct business emphasizing development and maintenance of long-term relationships.

We can profile your project to match our extensive database of transactions representing several billion dollars in Private Placements, DPOs, IPOs and other venture capital deals. We assist clients in evaluating, designing, and implementing the most appropriate course of action and monitor their progress. The result is a well-planned approach, information flow to the investment community, and continued investor interest.

We have provided services to companies in numerous industry sectors. Some of these include:

Growing your company can be one of the most exciting, rewarding and yet perplexing and most challenging tasks in an entrepreneur’s life. In most cases, capital will be required at various points in the life cycle of a company, starting with the initial infusion and continuing through the various stages of development. The entire process is filled with detailed preparation, endless meetings and presentations, followed by complex negotiations, difficult decisions, and more often than not a painstaking cathartic closing. Each stage of financing will affect subsequent stages of financing, making the structure and valuation of each round extremely important. In addition to financial aspects, the venture capital recruitment process involves creating


For a deal to work, the investor must relate to your business plan, while the entrepreneur should have confidence in the investor, developing a mutually amicable relationship. Writing the business plan is only part of the equation – you must know where and how to obtain funding! Whether it’s simply a business plan or a complex private placement memorandum, our network’s innovative approach to each of our client’s specialized needs, combined with the creative solutions we provide, ensures each customer’s maximum impact in the capital markets. Put our vast network to work for you!