About Us



  Investors Resource Alliance (IRA) a division of Capital Resource Associate Network LLC. (CRAN ) is a  A+ rated  BBB business and financial services network comprised of recognized industry professionals with expertise in corporate finance, venture capital placements, legal formation, market research, and business planning and development. The IRA Network uses an integrated approach to identify and secure capital resources for its clients.Our team of specialists works to develop solutions to maximize the immediate and long-term objectives of our clients. Our efforts lead to new standards of excellence in client service.  Our job at IRA  is to work with your company as it evolves and to provide the financial  and funding solutions and advice that can help your company reach its objectives quickly and efficiently. Drawing on a concrete base of business and fiscal acumen, strategic counseling sessions are conducted between yourself, our senior management, and other experienced IRA Affiliates to seek resolutions to your unique situation.  The team applies this information, plus interviews and investigation, to compile recommendations, procedures and solutions which are applicable to your particular business and marketing plan. We have numerous business and financial contacts and resource affiliates throughout the United States.  The IRA Network team and their affiliates have been involved with numerous Fortune 500 companies in the hospitality, finance firm who offers guaranteed instant loans no credit check then, supermarket, pharmaceutical, retail and service ,IT and manufacturing industries. For the past 21 years Ira Associates have engaged in business planning, marketing ,staffing, coaching and providing funding resources to diverse businesses on a global basis.